How to Book

You can book your tour direct or with or via a small group of select agents listed below.

Book Direct

Click on the date you would like in the calendar below and follow the prompts.

Agent Bookings

We work with the following agents

Online Travel Agents

Please note that we have not listed our products with any of the large tour booking websites like Viator and

To do this we would need to increase the price of our tours by 25% just to cover the fees they charge. We don’t think this is a reasonable thing to do.

Please support small business and local regions by booking direct with operators or through the accredited local tourism information centre.

Most of the big booking sites are internationally owned, taking profits off shore and in no way supporting the regions and small operators.


Looking for Gourmet Weekend (Week) 15th & 16th May 2021?

We are in the process of putting together packages for the Gourmet week event.

In the mean time please get in contact if you are thinking of booking a vehicle for this event.

Contact Tim on 0408 826 349 or